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If Josh McDaniels Goes to Cleveland Am I a Browns Fan Now?

ProFootballTalkAs hyperbolic adverbs go, this one is right up there with “strenuously object.”

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is “enthusiastically interested” in the Browns’ vacant head coaching job, according to Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository.

Josh McDaniels has patrolled the Pats sideline representing the offensive side of the ball for a combined ten seasons now and, minus his two season stint in Denver, has been a part of Patriot Nation since ’01. Let that sink in for a second. Josh McDaniels has played some part of all five Super Bowls. He may not be as much of a part of the soup that has made this Dynasty so great as say, Belichick and Brady, but he has been a necessary ingredient and since 2012 has brought the Patriots offense back to life, giving Tom Brady the second act he desperately craved and deserves. Maybe our fandom shouldn’t be required to travel with him wherever he goes next, but he deserves a tip of our cap and a nod should we bump into him between September and February.

With all of that said, we have a dilemma on our hands should he go to Cleveland partner with my best friend Baker Mayfield. If McDaniels landing spot is alongside the fire breathing Prince That was Promised, I may have to hand in my Patriots Loyalty Card. On one hand you have the coach, who I’ve spent enough time on today. On the other, you have a quarterback who not only led the Browns to their best season since 2011, but has enough electricity in his undersized (haaaaaaahahaha) body to power an entire city. And then tell said city to go fuck itself when it besmirches him. Baker Mayfield is a competitive lunatic and I love every second of it.

So what do I do here? What do I do if Josh McDaniels goes to the Browns? Do we just set up a Pats Nation Central shop in Cleveland? Do I become one of those asshats who says they have “two teams” and probably plays with My Little Pony dolls? Will Red hold a press conference where I will be sitting at a table and have two hats in front of me, one Browns and one Patriots, where I’ll announce where my allegiance now lays? I just don’t know. But here’s hoping we find out.

-Joey B

P.S – I’m obviously a Pats fan for life fuckheads. But Baker/McDaniels would be must watch T.V.

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