The Joe Rogan Podcast With Kanye West is Coming Soon and I am Jacked Up

Joe Rogan has one of the most popular podcasts in the world and interviews everyone from his comedian buddies to UFC stars, astrophysicists, psychologists, and even self proclaimed UFO and alien life experts like Tom Delonge. Rogan is an excellent interviewer as he knows when to jump in and stir some shit up, but he also knows when to sit back and just let the guest go.

Not long ago Kanye West was tweeting up a storm after he took a ton of flak for his bizarre appearance alongside Donald Trump in the White House. Shit, even Trump looked nervous wondering if the whole thing was about to go off the rails.

Kanye was flummoxed at the overwhelmingly negative response his appearance got and legitimately seemed desperate for a way to make people “understand” him, which is what you see from a lot of creative types when they hit a crossroads.

Kanye is saying nobody wants to actually listen to him and would rather just put him into a box and disregard what he says as “crazy.” He’s not wrong. It’s easy to do and I am always cognizant of doing that to anyone after hearing Dave Chappelle discuss a similar situation years ago:

Chappelle gets it better than most. He was the most successful comedian in the world with one of the most popular TV shows of all-time. I still quote Chappelle’s Show 10+ years later even though it barely finished 2 seasons. He famously rejected a $50 Million deal from Comedy Central and moved to Africa so Chappelle knows a thing or two about being labeled crazy.

Enter Joe Rogan, who jumped in and offered Kanye a platform to discuss his ideas; nothing more nothing less.

As one of the most widely downloaded podcasts in the world, Kanye will be able to talk about whatever he wants and probably for as long as he wants since the majority of Rogan’s podcasts are anywhere from 2-4 hours. This could be a trainwreck for Kanye or it could provide some valuable context to the bizarre antics he’s becoming known for more than his music. Either way I will be listening to this the second it drops.

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