Have You Ever Messed Up One Thing at Work So Bad That They Fired You?

ESPN The New Orleans Pelicans fired general manager Dell Demps on Friday, clearing the way for a new top basketball executive to oversee the Anthony Davis trade talks, league sources told ESPN.

This is laugh out loud funny, ridiculous, and just plain sad all at once. Dell Demps screwed the pooch SO bad on trading Anthony Davis that the Pelicans used this one catastrophe to straight up can their GM. Scouting, personnel, all those important decisions now have to be handed to one person because of the handling of one player. #Sports man, they are wild.

When it all gets boiled down, I think this really has to do with the fact that, supposedly, the talks with the Lakers fell apart because of how petty Demps was. I guess he got pissed the Lakers publicized/leaked everything and just for that tanked trade talks with them. You cannnnn’t really do that when the future of your franchise is at stake. Just a big fat no bueno. And now Dell Demps has a big fat no jobo.

I like to teach lessons when I can. Leave some wisdom for the next generation to pick up. So I say to those youngsters out there who want to go into sports management, the key to be successful is to not fuck up the most colossal deal you’ll ever see. It will indeed hurt your career.

-Joey B.

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