#RushHourRap – J. Cole – NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show

If you’re a frequent reader of #RushHourRap then you know I am a J. Cole stan. Ever since I first heard The Warm Up mixtape in 2009. J. Cole has always been one of the best live performers in the game. I’ve seen him live multiple times from small venues like the Paradise in Boston where I saw him for $1 to watching him at the Garden where he performed his entire show sitting on a stool. And every time Jermaine brings it. Every damn day. He did just that last night in the place I least expected it; the NBA All-Star game.

Performing in his throwback Hornets starter jacket just a few miles from his hometown, J. Cole played for over 10 minutes straight with maybe 2 or 3 breaths taken the entire time. He didn’t show up and just play some of the hits and the hooks, he rapped some of his best stuff showcasing his lyrical ability to a bunch of people who probably weren’t expecting it. He legitimately killed it at an event best known for partying, mediocre dunk contests,Β tampering player recruitment, and the absence of defense.

Even LeBron had to stop and watch the show.

Have a weekend J. Cole. First it was helping out Dennis Smith, then nearly showing up every scrub in the NBA dunk contest to now putting on the best halftime show I’ve seen in a long time.

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