Hunter Renfrow is Seeking to Fulfill His Own Prophecy of Playing for the Patriots

The NFL Draft is this Thursday and I’ve heard through the grape vine that we may be seeing some quality Draft #content from our guy Mattes so stay on the lookout for that. Him and Joey B are the draft nerds though. I enjoy college football, but aside from the top skill position players I can’t really get into where the DT from FSU is ranked.

I do love to cherry pick draft stories though, like the one where Hunter Renfrow is basically calling his own shot. Hunter Renfrow AKA The Three Eyed Raven had a dream where he got drafted by the Patriots. Renfrow is an undersized, under recruited slot receiver who became a team captain so you just KNOW the Pats are going to take him at some point. Apparently Hunter knows that too as he’s seen here signing his potential future Patriots jersey. Maybe he’s taking a page out of the Lavar Ball playbook? Just speak it into existence. Keep an eye on this kid, he may be the next guy to take the Patriots slot receiver torch once Julian Edelman is ready to move on.

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