Joey B’s Twitter Follow of the Week

Welcome Back. We missed last week, which was the second week, for a number of reasons. Including that I didn’t want to. I also drove down the Cape at noon to beat the traffic and what not. But mostly I just did not want to. I’m an honest man.

But we’re back. I’m refreshed and motivated. We have a slew of off the wall users for you to smash the follow button on, hopefully to find your timeline will devolve into a melting pot of bemusing madness.

This week, I bring to you Large Casino ( @PushupSensei ). It is probably worth noting ahead of time that he changes his username (not his handle) a little so following the handle will come in handy in this one.

Large Casino covers a large range of topics in his tweets and hits them with a level of humor and knowledge rarely found in today’s twittersphere. Basically it’s hard to be funny and know what you’re talking about in relation to more than one thing. One of those topics is the NBA, from the current..

To not so current….


Large Casino is a big time MMA/Boxing fan as well which you know hits home for your boy…


He’s also good at the Weird Twitter staple of the one or two word hilarious quote tweet….


And finally, he has the quirky hot takes to keep you entertained for days.

So there we are. Hit follow on Large Casino and stay for the laughs.

Have a good weekend everyone.

-Joey B.

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