Ed Reed Might Want to Be the Patriots DB Coach?


::RECORD SCRATCH:: Uhhhh what?

For my money, being the dumb, economy and morality killing millennial that I am, Ed Reed is the best to ever play the Safety position. He made playing what is sometimes an afterthought of a position into art. The Ravens D of the 00’s was something fierce. It was laden with talent all over the field from Reed to Terrell Suggs to Haloti Ngata to Ray Lewis. Quick aside: it also featured CB Chris McAlister, who locked people the fuck down at a Hall Of Fame rate but will probably never get to Canton because he wasn’t a ballhawk. He didn’t fill up the stat sheet, just quietly sent wide receivers home empty handed. Anyway, the Ravens ran a fairly complex 3-4. Like the Patriots D everyone had a job. So it is a testament to how incredible Ed Reed was that at the back end of that defense he was allowed to really do whatever he wanted. O I’m supposed to drop into a cover-2 but I could tell the second they broke the huddle the guy broken out wide on my side is going to run a flag? Ok, then I think I’ll just drift over there and pick it off. NBD.

What’s wild about Reed’s sentiments here is that the Ravens and the Patriots….have not always seen eye to eye. They have been bitter rivals for a longtime now and it hasn’t always always translated into respect the way ESPN’s 30 For 30 division would like it to. Terrell Suggs in fact hates us with a passion. Just despises the very air we breathe. Doesn’t care for New England, its professional football team, or its inhabitants one stinkin bit, sir. So it is curious that Ed Reed would want to come coach our DBs. I don’t have enough of a tinfoil hat to think it’s some sort of sabotage plan or scheme to leak info to Baltimore – particularly considering none of Reed’s teammates, to my knowledge, are still on the Ravens. I would think he just wants to get a start in coaching so why not do it for a first rate organization.

And then there is of course Coach Belichick himself. Working under the Hooded One and earning his stamp of approval on the first stop of your coaching career would be a huge feather in one’s cap. For a “football guy” like Ed Reed, absorbing all that knowledge and Belichick’s approach to the game would be invaluable as well. He’d possibly leave New England a head coaching candidate. Imagine a world, even, where Ed fucking Reed took over for Belichick? I’m getting ahead of myself.

Obviously this isn’t a “right now” thing. But it is still cool to see that such remarkable players see so much value in “the Patriot way” and that the organization has been successful. Good sign of  things to come, even past…..deep breath…..the current era.

Let’s get a ring.

-Joey B


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