Patrick Chung Indicted for Felony Cocaine Possession

CBSBostonPatriots safety Patrick Chung has been indicted in New Hampshire on a cocaine possession charge.

Documents released Thursday show Chung was indicted on August 8 for the incident, which police say took place on June 25 in Meredith.

Yayo. Blow. Snow. Cocaina. Nose beers. A forbidden fruit that party animals everywhere toot toot in order to last a few more beers. But I guess in New Hampshire by “live free or die” they mean “live narcotics free or die”. Nerds.

As for the matter at hand:

1.) Remember I mentioned yesterday that Jason McCourty, who is good at playing professional football cornerback, was seeing snaps at safety this training camp? I thinkkk we now might know why. Or at least some of the “why”.

2.) Regardless of what you think of Chung’s play – I think he is the most polarizing longtime Patriot I can remember – He has been huge in the locker and yes, on the field for us and losing him would be a decently big blow.

What NEEDS to happen is for the Pats and the NFL to sort out the consequences of this mess right away. There are roster moves to be made in the next couple weeks and it is critical to the tetris-like nature of NFL roster building that you know who on your roster is even available to play. This means all injuries, suspensions, etc. are, optimally, fleshed out so cuts, signings, and “you’re safe” meetings can be made and had as efficiently as possible. In our case, Chung’s predicament leaves the roster spots of the above mentioned McCourty twin and Obi Melifonwu to consider. I addressed J.Mc yesterday, but Melifonwu is kind of an enigma, where as much of a physical freak and straight up presence he is, he just hasn’t done a ton. This has left his position with the team with huge question marks this offseason. Maybe not though if Chung were to miss a significant amount of time.

Chung’s punishment I could see going one of two ways. The NFL could sort of look the other way as he has not been convicted yet and come on, a little booger sugar never hurt (alotofpeople) anyone. They also could use this at the ass-ramming ying to the reinstatement of Josh Gordon’s yang and tell Chung to kick rocks until this is sorted out. That would suck huh?

Listen, I’m not saying our Super Bowl chances are in jeopardy here. But a key piece of our D is indeed in danger of not playing and it puts the rest of the summer under the microscope in terms of roster moves, the way the team practices, and a whole slew of other behind the scenes shit we don’t think about when knocking back BL smoothies and watching the game on Sundays.

Take a deep breath folks. This ride always gets bumpy in the beginning (9/15 @ Miami). It’s just happening a little sooner this time around.

-Joey B.

PS: P.Chung has long been one of “my guys” so pls respect my privacy at this time.

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