Apparently an American-led Crew of MERCENARIES Were Unsuccessful in Overthrowing the Government of Venezuela Today

Aljazeera – Venezuelan security forces arrested dozens of people, including two Americans, after a beach invasion allegedly aimed at overthrowing President Nicolas Maduro – a plot said to involve US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido.

If you guessed that I’ve rewritten the beginning of this blog about 8 times now because there is just so much here than you guessed right. You know me and you get me.

We have MERCENARIES. Legit sellswords (probs guns but whatever) making a huge push to come back as the new hotness in international coup d’etats. We have rogue American veterans acting as the QB1s of the whole operation. We have, let’s just say, not the most excellent turn out when considering Venezuela is in fact an entire nation and 60 is not all that many soldiers. Lastly, we have the price tag of $212m, a ludicrously specific sum especially when factoring in the fact that that boils down to about $3.5m each. To OVERTHROW A GOVERNMENT. NOT a nice one either.

O, what’s that you say? You’d like a “TL:DR”, as the kids say? My pleasure:

Two American ex-super soldiers very misguidedly tried to overthrow the ruling regime of an entire South American country with about 60 heavily armed guys and all for what a late-first round pick would earn in the NFL.

I mean, is the job market THAT BAD? Especially for guys with the tactical and leadership training of veterans? Was it the thrill of combat and the allure of being involved in “an operation” that drew them in? Or were they just all, “if I’m going to die via Mexican beer viruses or murder hornets it’s going to be while doing what I love, which is firing assault rifles at tyrants.”

Fucking wild story man, one I’m sure we’ll get more details on down the line. But for now I raise a glass to you you crazy kids. At a time when basically everyone lacks ambition you chose to have too much

-Joey B.

(P.S – Lol it was totally the CIA.)

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