1.5.21 Hoop Tales: We’ve Been Expecting You, Mr. (Kyle) Anderson Edition

Memphis Grizzlies 2019-2020 Player Previews: Kyle Anderson - Grizzly Bear  Blues

Monday: 1-2 (-1.15 units)

Season: 12-17 (-6.81 units)

Recap: The Sixers look great and continue to be a strong 1st quarter spread play. The Bucks scored 125 points and it felt like Giannis scored all of them instead of DiVincenzo. Fox finished 5 points shy of his over and the Kings getting blown out early did us no favors.

First Pick: Kyle Anderson O13.5 pts vs LAK (-118)

Fact #1: Anderson is averaging 18.6 PPG over his last five contests, including 18+ in four of those outings.

Fact #2: In the first game of this series, he totaled 18 on a season-high 19 shots, despite going 1-for-8 from beyond the arc.

Fact #3: The Lakers allow an average of 26 PPG to the small forward position.

Second Pick: Kyrie Irving O27.5 pts vs UTA (-132)

Fact #1: Durant (health and safety protocols) is out tonight, missing his second game of the young season.

Fact #2: There’s an average of 17.5 shots per game up for grabs this evening.

Fact #3: In his first 10 games in BK last season without Durant, Irving averaged 28 PPG and I would expect a similar full-game effort tonight.

That 2nd pick was TLC until I saw he wasn’t starting tonight.

Third Pick: Nikola Jokić U24.5 pts vs MIN (-120)

Fact #1: Joker is leading the league in assists per game at 12.8, which shows he’s focused more on doing more in the offense than just scoring.

Fact #2: Joker has scored 25+ against the Kings twice this season and is 0-4 at that number against everyone else, including a 19-point triple-double effort in the first game of this 2-game series.

Fourth Pick: Clippers -2.5 1st quarter spread vs SAS (-118)

Fifth and Sixth Picks: Paul George O3.5 Made 3Pters (-134) and O24.5 points (-110) vs SAS

PG has been ruled out tonight with an ankle injury, so I’m not playing Clippers -3 1dt quarter spread anymore.

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