So The Capitol Was Stormed Yesterday

GIGANTIC DISCLAIMER: When I was in high school the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were raging and people my age were getting hardcore involved in politics left and right. I swore I wouldn’t get involved then because what the fuck did we know at 15? I contend I was right then. As I got older I swore I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever get involved with politics because I contended, and still do to a point, that it’s just made up of adults arguing like children and insulting each other and is just a fucking crock of shit. I also contend that is, to an extend, still true. But I just can’t not say anything anymore. After 31 years this is my breaking point.

Generally speaking, as a policy Red put in place and held up by tastes of the bloggers themselves, politics is not the forte of The 300s. There are smarter, more concisely educated people that can talk about the state of things better than we can, for the most part. But the events of yesterday kind of warrants some sort of reaction from just about everyone with a keyboard. Silence at this point is deafening.

Yesterday a large group or “mob” of enraged Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building. Possibly the most defining symbol of our nation and what it stands for – freedom, democracy, free speech, and at the most basic level an organized way of doing things – was swarmed and beset upon by these maniacs. They did so on the ground that this whole past election was a lie. That the sitting president could not be removed from office via “fraud.” Rationality be damned, despite the Republican VP and the Republican House Majority Leader having conceded that the election was legit, hence why they showed the fuck up to make this thing official, they the people were going to do whatever it was that was necessary to not let that hearing take place. And it resulted in a deadly, disgusting display of entitlement and moral vacancy. Now, it’s important, I think, to identify who these people were, in their hearts of hearts.

1.) Most if not all represent a group of people who are violently racist. A set of gallows was set up on the Capitol steps and two of these jackasses reenacted the murder of George Floyd on the front steps.
2.) They most likely are unemployed as it was early afternoon on a Tuesday when they decided to attack.
3.) They effuse completely unproven, false conspiracy theories that basically state a secret, shadow group of business and political leaders are trying to bring down Trump.
4.) They committed treasonous, seditious acts against the federal government and should be persecuted as such.

Now note a few things about those four points. Firstly, I didn’t really insert my political beliefs, did I? I said nothing about conservatives vs. liberals, left vs. right blah blah. Nope. Because fuck all that. This was a group of angry, violent dickheads who decided to attack our nation’s capital that’s it. I also didn’t call them terrorists. Which I might (probably will) take some heat for. To do so would not be exactly accurate and quite frankly it’s giving them too much credit. They pussied out from becoming terrorists. Terrorists would have rolled in with some C4 and a few AK’s and started lighting shit up. (Although there were reports of a couple pipe bombs being found so this could have been even worse than it was) The crew of Paul Blarts apparently guarding the Capitol would have been even more helpless to stop them. No, these were just racist, pathetic, vandals. They were vandals who are just so pathetically (I’ll use that word as much as I want) pissed off that they only have two weeks left to be told they matter. Which brings me to my next point.

The reason these kinds of assholes have become not just ubiquitous but completely open about who they are over the last, O I don’t know, four years is because Donald Trump told them that everything they do matters. It’s making a difference! You are right in what you feel and should act on it! You’re on the right side! You see, before this regime these people had these sad, pathetic, nothingness lives (and still do) with no purpose except to suck some oxygen out of the world. And that must have sucked. And they were rightfully angry about how bleak their existence was. Then they woke up one day and had somewhere to channel all of this resentment (that they brought on themselves) and in an echo chamber were given people (black people to be specific), places, and things to hate and new ideas about how lizard people and Al Gore was conspiring against their new leader with the owner of a pizzeria (or some shit like that idk man I don’t read that shit). That’s really who attacked our freedom, which is what happened: A giant mob of low-lives who were so desperate to hang on to the one, tiny, FAKE piece of purpose they’ve ever had. The ultimate McGuffin. “All your rage is fueling our country” was the lie they’d believed and now it’s coming to an end.

The absolutely eye fucking rolling part of this is no matter how many MAGA twitter accounts, people identifying themselves as much on the news, etc. as there were you STILL HAVE PEOPLE SAYING IT WAS A HOAX. You still have people saying it was Antifa, the wolves in hick clothing. Fucking wild. You had half the far right cheering these people on and half of them denying it was their buddies to begin with. Talk about not knowing about the prisoner’s dilemma. Did they forget to suss out in the group chat what the party fucking line was supposed to be?

So, damn you people, go back to your shanties. But first, go to federal fucking prison. I don’t know why you weren’t maced, beaten, and immediately thrown in jail like some other protestors I heard about. But I’ll try and keep this as down the middle as I can. Because again that is what this blog is about. That you are a gigantic piece of shit if you try and disrupt our democratic process. I again repeat:

You are a gigantic piece of shit if you try and disrupt our democratic process.

I could write another 2,000 words on the abject horror the black community felt watching this take place and seeing these (mostly) white protestors getting (mostly) shepherded peacefully out of the hall of our nation’s fucking government, but honestly I don’t feel like I’m the right guy for the job. I’ll just say that it’s bullshit.

One last time: You are a gigantic piece of shit if you try and disrupt our democratic process.

God Bless America, let’s figure it the fuck out,

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