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Bridgeport, Conn. Woman Loses Fingers After Lighting Dynamite She Thought Was Candle

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A woman blew off several fingers when she accidentally lit a quarter stick of dynamite in her home Thursday night, officials said. Assistant Fire Chief Michael Caldaroni, who was the battalion chief at the scene, said the woman … Continue reading

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Power Wins BIG3 Basketball Championship; Big Baby Gets Another Ring

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on my experience at the BIG3 Basketball Tournament, when the still infantile league made its way to TD Garden for a one-night showing on August 3, and the overall verdict was a … Continue reading

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J.K. Rowling Confirms Big Fan Theory; I Now Somehow Love Harry Potter Even More – J.K. Rowling has come out and revealed what her favorite Harry Potter fan theory is, and it’s quite something. It seems dark theories do not put JK Rowling off, who has finally not only revealed her favourite fan theory but … Continue reading

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Nordstrom Coming in Hot with a Bold, New Retail Strategy

AP – Nordstrom is opening up a store that doesn’t have any inventory. The luxury department store chain says its Nordstrom Local concept store will open in Los Angeles next month. The Seattle-based company says the store will be staffed with … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Randomness

With the Solar Eclipse coming up Monday let’s check in with our resident sun-starer, Whiskers.

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Friday Morning Randomness

Jimmy Fallon played Drinko with Michael Strahan last night, and I desperately need to find the mini Drinko board I had in college.

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Bryce Harper Continues to Give Middle Finger to the Old Baseball Guard

Bryce Harper wearing a “Make Baseball Fun Again” hat. Love it, so much. — Mr. Schäfer (@misterschafer) April 5, 2016 // There’s nothing I enjoy more as a sports fan than athletes who challenge the old guard. You can’t … Continue reading

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